Most Sixes in Test: From BA Stokes to MJ Slater

Who Has the Most Sixes in Test Cricket?

Have you ever wondered which players in the cricket world have the most sixes in a Test match? Well, this article will tell you about that!

Brendon McCullum

Brendon McCullum is the most prolific sixer in Test cricket history. He has 107 sixes in his career. That’s more than the 98 sixes that Jacques Kallis has.

McCullum is also the first player to reach two hundred and two thousand runs. In his final Test, he scored the fastest Test century in history. He smashed 145 runs off 79 balls. His innings also included 18 fours.

In his career, McCullum has played 101 Test matches, 176 innings and hit 107 sixes. As of January 2016, he has the highest number of sixes in Test cricket.

He has been a member of the New Zealand Test team since 2004. Initially, he was used as a wicketkeeper batsman. But later, he played primarily as a right arm bowler.

Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes, the England Test captain, has become the third batter in the world to reach the milestone of hitting 100 sixes in the red ball game. The previous two were Adam Gilchrist and Brendon McCullum.

Having made his debut in 2009, he is the son of the legendary cricketer, Gerald Stokes. He has played for New Zealand and England in international cricket.

Stokes has achieved several major achievements, including winning a World Cup final and leading England to victory in the Champions Trophy. His performance on the field and off it has been well documented.

Aside from his impressive batting, Stokes also excels as a bowler. He is known for his ability to hit the big shots. With a left-handed bat and an all-round game, Stokes is a formidable opponent for any bowler.

Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist is one of the most dynamic players to have graced the international cricket field. He played 96 Test matches without dropping out. The equable nature of his game made him a valuable asset to the Australian team.

When he joined the team, Gilchrist was a fairly inexperienced player. However, he did manage to play a part in three World Cups. In fact, he was the first Test batsman to hit 100 sixes.

Although his strike rate was not impressive, it was not bad considering his batting average. A few years later, Gilchrist scored 204 not out against South Africa in Johannesburg. His best innings came in the 2007 World Cup final against Sri Lanka.

Chris Cairns

Chris Cairns is a New Zealand all-rounder who has the most sixes in Test cricket. His 84 Test sixes are still the most for any test batsman. He became the sixth man to achieve a double of 200 wickets and 3000 runs in March 2004.

Chris Cairns had an impressive career for New Zealand. From 1989 to 2006 he played for the Black Caps and the Kiwis, and represented them in both ODIs and Tests. During this time he also served as captain for the Chandigarh Lions, in the Indian Cricket League.

In a brief 17 year international career, Cairns managed to secure several records. Among them were the most runs in a test, the most wickets in a Test, and the most sixes in a Test. While he was in his prime, he was one of the greatest all-rounders in the world. However, his pace diminished as he got older.

Matthew Hayden

The Australian opening batsman Matthew Hayden holds several records. One is his impressive 380-run knock against Zimbabwe. He has also scored a couple of double-centuries in test cricket.

In his Test career, he was selected to play in three World Cups and one ODI World Cup. During this period, he was a prolific scorer. During the 2007 World Twenty20, he scored 265 runs, making him the top scorer.

Matthew Hayden was an excellent player. He played spin bowling better than most of his opponents. As a result, he was one of only two Australian batsmen to score two 150-plus innings in losing causes.

The 380-run blitz against Zimbabwe is still a major talking point. Hayden broke the record for most sixes in a single innings. It took him 10 hours 22 minutes to complete the feat.

Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram has been a leading figure in the game of cricket for over a decade now. He has been a part of Pakistan’s success in both Test and ODIs. The only bowler to take more than 400 wickets in the two forms of the game, Wasim is a legend in the world of cricket.

His batting skills were also evident during his stint with the national side. In 2004, he was one of three batsmen selected for Pakistan’s tour of the Caribbean. With the ball, he was a master of the reverse swing.

On his first tour to Australia, Wasim Akram picked up his 100th test wicket. While his career was hampered by a tumultuous captaincy, Wasim still demonstrated his prowess as a player.

Here the completed List :

BA Stokes (ENG)2013-2022891627560225836.14950458.94122814668107
BB McCullum (NZ)2004-20161011769645330238.64998964.60123114776107
AC Gilchrist (AUS)1999-200896137205570204*47.60679681.95172614677100
CH Gayle (WI)2000-201410318211721433342.181197060.26153715104698
JH Kallis (ICC/SA)1995-2013166280401328922455.372890345.97455816148897
V Sehwag (ICC/IND)2001-20131041806858631949.341044182.23233216123391
BC Lara (ICC/WI)1990-2006131232611953400*52.881975360.51344817155988
CL Cairns (NZ)1989-2004621045332015833.53581557.09522736587
IVA Richards (WI)1974-199112118212854029150.239613+69.77*244510952+84
A Flintoff (ENG/ICC)1998-2009791309384516731.77619762.045261751382
ML Hayden (AUS)1994-200910318414862538050.731434960.10302914104982
Misbah-ul-Haq (PAK)2001-201775132205222161*46.621172644.531039951181
KP Pietersen (ENG)2005-20141041818818122747.281325561.7223351098581
MS Dhoni (IND)2005-20149014416487622438.09824959.116331054478
TG Southee (NZ)2008-20228812611185577*16.13224082.81051518776
AD Mathews (SL)2009-2022100178246953200*45.141441648.231338471675
RT Ponting (AUS)1995-2012168287291337825751.852278258.72416217150973
CH Lloyd (WI)1966-1985110175147515242*46.676942+56.68*19394712+70
Younis Khan (PAK)2000-2017118213191009931352.051937552.12343319108270
SR Tendulkar (IND)1989-20132003293315921248*53.7829437+54.04*5168142058+69
IT Botham (ENG)1977-19921021616520020833.54856560.7114221462167
CG Greenidge (WI)1974-199110818516755822644.7211932+49.49*193411872+67
RG Sharma (IND)2013-202245779313721246.13562555.76814433564
AB de Villiers (SA)2004-2018114191188765278*50.661607754.5122468102464
CL Hooper (WI)1987-200210217315576223336.461146250.2713271363363
DA Warner (AUS)2011-20229918287922335*45.521112871.1824341293962
N Kapil Dev (IND)1978-199413118415524816331.055192+79.33*82716557+61
DPMD Jayawardene (SL)1997-2014149252151181437449.842295951.45345015138761
ST Jayasuriya (SL)1991-200711018814697334040.071069865.1814311591059
Wasim Akram (PAK)1985-2002104147192898257*22.645389+52.82*3717324+57
SC Ganguly (IND)1996-200811318817721223942.171407051.2516351390057
RR Pant (IND)2018-202233*5542262159*44.35307173.65511224555
RA Jadeja (IND)2012-20226089202523175*36.56424059.50317525355
Imran Khan (PAK)1971-19928812625380713637.696588+47.52*6188316+55
LRPL Taylor (NZ)2007-202211219624768329044.661295759.2919351493255
CD McMillan (NZ)1997-2005559110311614238.46567054.95619736754
BJ Haddin (AUS)2008-20156611213326616932.98558758.45418836354
SCJ Broad (ENG)2007-202215923239355016918.39541765.531133942754
Shahid Afridi (PAK)1998-201027481171615636.51197386.9758622052
Mohammad Yousuf (PAK)1998-20109015612753022352.291437252.3924331195751
KC Sangakkara (SL)2000-2015134233171240031957.402288254.19385211149151
PA de Silva (SL)1984-20029315911636126742.9711249+51.04*20227737+48
Javed Miandad (PAK)1976-1993124189218832280*52.5715164+45.99*23436788+48
Inzamam-ul-Haq (ICC/PAK)1992-200712020022883032949.601634554.02254615110548
HH Gibbs (SA)1996-2008901547616722841.951227050.2614261188747
JM Bairstow (ENG)2012-202289159115482167*37.04952057.5812231664846
SPD Smith (AUS)2010-20229016020845823960.411554854.392936892246
JO Holder (WI)2014-202258104162612202*29.68470055.57311831144
MA Starc (AUS)2011-2022741062318359922.10285164.360101218044
ME Trescothick (ENG)2000-20067614310582521943.791068554.5114291283142
Harbhajan Singh (IND)1998-201510314523222411518.22343264.80291927742
C de Grandhomme (NZ)2016-2022294471432120*38.70178080.4428614141
DM Bravo (WI)2010-2020561025353821836.47788644.86817540441
ME Waugh (AUS)1991-2002128209178029153*41.811536052.2720471984441
Tamim Iqbal (BAN)2008-2022691322508220639.09875158.0710311165040
A Ranatunga (SL)1982-200093155125105135*35.698672+49.96*43812534+40
JL Langer (AUS)1993-200710518212769625045.271419254.2223301191240
LD Chandimal (SL)2011-202270127134936206*43.291000549.331324550839
NJ Astle (NZ)1996-20068113710470222237.02947949.6011241161239
MEK Hussey (AUS)2005-20137913716623519551.521243650.1319291268539
MJ Clarke (AUS)2004-2015115198228643329*49.101545655.922827997839
IR Bell (ENG)2004-201511820524772723542.691562249.4622461491939
NS Sidhu (IND)1983-199951782320220142.137135+44.33*9159358+38
SK Warne (AUS)1992-20071451991731549917.32547057.650123435337
MA Holding (WI)1975-19876076109107313.781185+58.98*061578+36
DW Steyn (SA)2004-2019931192712517613.59282544.28021412436
S Chanderpaul (WI)1994-20151642804911867203*51.372739543.31306615128536
SM Pollock (SA)1995-200810815639378111132.31719852.52216941235
Mohammad Rafique (BAN)2000-200833636105911118.57163064.9614811034
DJG Sammy (WI)2007-201338632132310621.68194967.8815815734
AM Rahane (IND)2013-20228214012493118838.52997249.4412251056034
J Blackwood (WI)2014-2022509152629112*30.56489853.67316731233
Q de Kock (SA)2014-2021549163300141*38.82465270.93622741133
JC Buttler (ENG)2014-2022571009290715231.94536554.18218934033
M Vijay (IND)2008-2018611051398216738.28860146.291215846733
JR Reid (NZ)1949-1965581085342814233.28128+34.37*6225267+33
WJ Cronje (SA)1992-2000681119371413536.41832044.636231140933
Sir RJ Hadlee (NZ)1973-199086134193124151*27.164611+57.34*21512323+33
MN Samuels (WI)2000-2016711277391726032.64821947.657241453732
GS Sobers (WI)1954-197493160218032365*57.784063+53.58*263012593+32+
MG Johnson (AUS)2007-201573109162065123*22.20353658.391111924731
SR Watson (AUS)2005-2015591093373117635.19709452.59424648331
Mushfiqur Rahim (BAN)2005-202284*154135312219*37.671126347.169251263531
TA Boult (NZ)2011-202278944675952*15.81126560.0001138230
MM Ali (ENG)2014-20216411182914155*28.29569751.145141535530
MJ Slater (AUS)1993-2001741317531221942.83996753.291421959830

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